Uniform & Canteen

The St Bede’s uniform shop, Boutique, is located in the room adjacent to the REC Office near the entrance to the junior classrooms corridor.  Opening hours are Friday mornings 8.40am – 9.40am for enquiries and comparing sizes. Also you may like to have a look through the quality second hand uniforms kindly donated by St Bede’s families available for a small cost with proceeds going directly to the St Bede’s P&F.

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Please come and see us if you have any questions relating to the uniform or your child’s order. Uniform order forms are available from the outside of the door at all times. Outside normal opening time, order forms and payments may be placed in the secure mailbox slot in the Boutique door which is cleared regularly.

Orders are filled every Friday and sent home with the eldest child. This may differ slightly during busy periods, usually seasonal uniform changes at the end of Terms 1 and 3. The full St Bede’s uniform is available from the Boutique with all profits from sales going directly to the St Bede’s P&F to support our school.

We are run by parent volunteers and it’s a great way to be involved in the school community and experience is not necessary! Come in and see us if you are interested in helping out at any time.


Please note the credit card payment application only applies to online purchases through FlexiSchools. Payment (cash or cheque made out to St Bede’s P&F) should accompany your order whenever possible. If you are not in a position to pay for your uniform order at the time of lodgement, an invoice will be issued and sent home with your eldest child on the Friday following receipt of your order. Payment should then be made as soon as possible. Please ensure your name is printed clearly and your eldest child’s name and class on any correspondence.

If you are paying an outstanding invoice, please also include the invoice number on the reverse of your cheque or on a note accompanying your cash payment. Always seal in an envelope clearly labelled and put into the mailbox slot in the door of the Boutique or hand your order form and payment into the Boutique any Friday morning between 8:40am and 9:40am.

A receipt will be issued in due course and sent home with your child.

Thank you for shopping at the St Bede’s Boutique and supporting our school.

Winter Uniform


The school tuckshop is popular with children and complements classroom lessons on food, nutrition and health in keeping with the Vision and Mission Statement of the school.

The tuckshop aims to provide nutritious and enjoyable food at reasonable prices, with the School Board taking the final responsibility of tuckshop policy.

The tuckshop can only exist with parent volunteers. St Bede’s is a nut aware school and we ask that peanut butter and Nutella not be used.

The tuckshop is currently open on nominated tuck days each term for special lunches.

Snack Shack Menu

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