School Board/Parents & Friends


The role of the Board is to act as an advisory as the voice of the parent community to help influence the following areas:

  • Supporting the development of the Catholic Identity, ethos and mission of the school
  • Supporting pastoral care strategies in the school community
  • Promoting the school in the local community
  • Appointing a member to the school’s enrolment committee
  • Developing, approving and monitoring the annual budget
  • Developing capital and maintenance programs
  • Developing local strategic plans (finances, buildings, resources)
  • Facilitate local school community debate in response to System leadership by the CEC and the CEO
  • Approving school uniform items decided at school level
  • Ensuring that the parish and school community receives the Annual School Board Report
  • Consulting with the P&F Association on expenditure of levies or funds


St Bede's successfully navigated the changes and challenges that the school has faced over the last few years. The executive team of Mrs Julie Douglas as Principal and Mrs Breen Fox as Assistant Principal have enabled our school to implement a number of measures that will better position our school, the students and the staff to face the challenges ahead. A key example of this is the successful implementation of the years 5/6 multi-age class - a first for St Bede's in 2017. This success was based on careful planning the agility of the school's management, consultation with the school community and the school's continued support for the professional development of our already skilled staff. The Board supported the school in implementing these changes.

Other matters the Board considered included the development of a forward looking ICT strategy, and fundraising and marketing strategies. While the beginning of 2017 highlighted the potential impact of funding decisions for all schools, the Board and the school recognised that our focus should be on the value we provide to the boys and girls that make St Bede's such a happy school.

St Bede's is a great school with an exciting future. St Bede's is a faith based primary school that is well placed to continue to provide students with the highest quality coeducational schooling in an area of Canberra that is undergoing its own regeneration. The Board will work with the school, the broader community and all of our stakeholders to ensure that the vision of St Bede's as a school with an exciting future is reinforced.

- Matt Minogue, Chair

Members of the 2020 School Board:

Chair Aaron Torline
Acting Treasurer Aaron Torline (pending a re-appointment)
P&F Representatives Kathrin Mandic and Zoe Ferrari
Parent Member Megan Edwards
Parent Member Nicky Libbis
Parent Member & Immediate Past Chair Matt Minogue
Principal Julie Douglas
Assistant Principal Breen Fox
Staff Representative Helen Garrity


The role of the St Bede’s P&F is to provide a forum through which parents, staff and the broader school community can come together and pursue initiatives that improve the schooling experience and wellbeing for the children and families of St Bede’s. These initiatives include:

  • Organising and conducting social activities that encourage a sense of community among the families of St Bede’s
  • Supporting spiritual and pastoral needs of the school community
  • Organising and conducting social and fundraising activities
  • Providing learning support materials to assist teaching staff in the delivery of the school curriculum
  • Providing material support to school sporting teams and other approved recreational pursuits
  • Providing facilities, equipment and amenities to improve the learning opportunities, recreation and welfare for the students at the school
  • Providing a forum for parent and community input into school activities
  • Providing a parent-run school canteen and school uniform shop
  • Fostering cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community
  • Assisting the Principal and cooperating with teaching staff at activities associated with the school held outside the school environs
  • Providing recommendations to the School Principal and School Board on any matters that affect the School.

Executive Members of the 2020 Parents & Friends Association:

President Danielle Hitchcock
Vice President Bridget Kirby
Secretary Allannah McKay
Treasurer Jodie Lane
Principal (ex officio) Julie Douglas
Assistant Principal (ex officio) Breen Fox
Parish Priest (ex officio) Father Trenton Van Reesch
Netball Coordinator Jenny Tiffen
Boutique Clothing Pool Jennifer Maher
Tuck Shop Coordinator/s Katrina Spadifora and Sarah Crewdson
Fundraising Event Coordinator/s By Organising Committee
Class Contact Coordinator Fiona Torline
Class Contacts
Class Parent Contacts
Kinder Liz Thomas & Jen Maher
Year 1 Emma Bozic & Clare Heffernan
Year 2 Olivia Morales & Monica Kyburz
Year 3 Sascha Leech & Erin Clark
Year 4 Tania Courtney & Hannah Franjic
Year 5/6 Blue Fiona Wade & Catherine Cusack
Year 5/6 Gold Shelley Kowalski & Stella Glavinic