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St Bede’s Primary School is staffed by over 20 qualified and experienced individuals, all committed to living our School values and implementing our Mission of engaging, educating and exciting our students.

Our school is led by our Principal, Andrew Casey, with the Assistant Principal, Mrs Breen Fox, Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs Nikki Dwyer, Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Haley Stonham and Classroom Support Coordinator, Mrs Judy Elliott, making up the executive team. Central to our school’s philosophy is the belief that our staff are empowered to educate children with each child’s individual needs in mind.

Our staff are known for their respect for all children and for their commitment to helping each child reach their potential. Classroom teachers are supported by a Classroom Support Team. Teacher aides assist teaching staff to provide support to all children.

Mrs Jodie Luhrs, Office Manage supports our staff, students and parents and is often the first point of contact.

Meet our teachers below!

Leadership Team

Andrew Casey


Fr Trenton Van Reesch
Parish Priest

Breen Fox
Assistant Principal

Haley Stonham

Curriculum Coordinator

Nikki Dwyer

Religious Education

Judy Elliott

Classroom Support

Class Teacher

Jessica Mead

Kindergarten Blue

Katie Horsburgh

Kindergarten Gold

William Baldwin

Year 1 Blue (Mon - Wednesday)

Tea Austin

Year 1 Blue (Thursday - Friday)

Haley Stonham

Year 1 Gold (Mon-


Ben MacIntyre

Year 1 Gold


Jodie Heggaton
Year 2 Blue

Year 2 Blue

Elyse Charles
Year 2 Gold

Year 2 Gold

Levi Heffernan
Year 3 Blue

Lisa Wright
Year 3 Gold

Darren Roberts
Year 4

Toby McNaughton
Year 5

Nikki Dwyer
Year 6 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)

Breen Fox
Year 6 (Wednesday-Thursday)

Specialist Teachers and Support Staff

Jessica Higgins 

French & Library

Ben Macintyre


Jodie Luhrs

Office & Finance

Adrienne Cullity


Judy Elliott

Classroom Support

Maria Barbara

Classroom Assistant

Jenny St George

Classroom Assistant

May Schneider

Classroom Assistant

Tracey Trewhella

Classroom Assistant

Mishelle Pucci

Classroom Assistant

Patrea Johnston

Classroom Assistant

Tahlia Hall

Classroom Assistant

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