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ICAS Science 17 August


Students who have registered will participate in the online test on Monday 17 August at 2pm with Mrs Fox.  

Musica Viva 20 August


This live music concert will be beamed into all classrooms at 2pm on Thursday 20 August.  

St Bede's Mini-olympics 21 August


A small, fun, novel, school-based activity to commemorate what would have been the 2020 Winter Olympics. All students in Kinder to Year 6 are asked to wear their sports uniform on Friday 21 August.  

August 13 Newsletter

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School Board 11 August

6pm in the school Staff Room.

Assumption Mass 14 August

Hosted by Year 2

August 6 Newsletter

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Mary of the Cross Mass 4 August

Year 3 students will host this week's Mass to celebrate Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop.  Unfortunately, parents and family are unable to attend due to COVID restrictions.  Students and teachers from Kinder to Year 6 will attend Mass in the hall at 12pm.  

July 30 Newsletter

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July 23 Newsletter

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