School Board

The St Bede’s Board, in accordance with the authority entrusted to it by the Archbishop, is to assist the school fulfil its mission in accordance with the Code of Canon Law, Archdiocesan directives and guidelines and policies of the Catholic Education Commission and the Catholic Education Office.

The Board provides the opportunity for members of the school, parish and Archdiocesan communities to support the mission of Catholic education in the school.  Working with the Principal, Parish Priest or Priest Chaplain and staff, the Board members provide leadership to the wider school community. 

The Board has a decision making role in certain policy areas and an advisory role in others.  The policies of the school are always set within the wider mission of Catholic education.  In the areas where it has responsibility for the development and monitoring of policy, the Board operates within the policy and procedures determined by the CEC and the CEO. The Principal has responsibility for the day-to-day leadership and management of the school.




The Board has responsibility to take decisions in the following areas:

The St Bede’s Board also has responsibility to provide advice in areas such as:

A copy of the Board’s full constitution is attached.



The Board’s priorities for 2018 are:

  1. Support the staff and community  in the implementation of the new curriculum
  2. Manage the resources of the school to optimise value for students, teachers and parents.
  3. Support the school community in providing a nurturing and welcoming environment for students, teachers and parents.



The current membership of the Board is as follows:

Matt Minogue – (Years 5 and 3 parent)

Aaron Torline – (Years 3 and 1parent)

Peter Hyde - (Year 2 parent)

Nicky Libbis - (Year 6, 4 and 3 parent)

P&F Representative - Catherine Cusack [Year 4 parent]

Julie Douglas (Principal)

Breen Fox (Assistant Principal)

Judy Elliott (Staff Representative)



The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, supplemented by additional meetings where required.  The meeting dates for 2016 are as follows:

27 Feb


7 Aug

7 November



The Board welcomes feedback, ideas and input from the whole community.  If you have any issues you would like to raise, you can send an email through to the Board via at anytime, or contact Linda Wells to arrange for one of the Board members to call you to discuss your issue.

If there are matters you would like formally considered by the Board, please email us no later than two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting to ensure your ideas and views are included in the Agenda.

In fourth term each year, nominations are sought for positions that are coming vacant.  These are advised through the school newsletter and on this site.  If you are interested in joining the Board please let us know via our email address, or keep an eye out on the call for nominations in the School Newsletter in the first three weeks of term four.


Last Updated:2 February 2018.