2016 Staff

Principal: Mrs Julie Douglas Kinder: Mrs Helen Garrity
Administration: Mrs Linda Wells Year 1: Mrs Nikki Dwyer / Mrs Judy Elliott
Assistant Principal: Mrs Breen Fox Year 2: Mr Ben Macintyre
REC Co-ordinator: Mrs Nikki Dwyer Year 3: Mrs Breen Fox
Teacher Librarian: Mrs Liz Mihalopoulos Year 4: Mr Levi Heffernan
Classroom Support Teacher: Mrs Judy Elliott Years 5/6: Mrs Katie Horsburgh
Classroom Support: Mrs Maria Barbara  
Classroom Support: Mrs Mishelle Pucci French:  Mrs Hilda Visser-Scott

Classroom Support: Mrs Jenny St George

                             Mrs Ella Morella

Music: Mrs Debbie Deighton


Executive Release: Mrs Cathy Ryan

School Counsellor:

Mrs Anne Walls








At St Bede's it is important to staff that all students are learning in a safe and Christian environment. We care for and about the students. We engage with students individually and support children in achieving their personal best. Our 2017 Annual Improvement Plan can be found here and for our complaint and grievance resolution policy please click here.