St Bede’s Bring Your Own iPad – FAQ

Are Kindergarten to Year 2 part of the Bring Your Own iPad Program?

No. K-2 will continue to have a shared model for iPad use, utilising the bank of iPads currently owned by the school. Teachers will integrate the use of iPads into learning where it is appropriate and enhances learning opportunities.

Will families need to increase their home internet plans?

This will depend on the family’s current internet plan. In most cases families’ existing internet plans will support any additional demand of the child’s iPad relating to school work. Many functions of the iPad do not need wifi connection at home. School related iPad tasks that may need access to home internet may be:

  • · Access to complete Mathletics activities
  • · Research
  • · Uploading work to or from Showbie (classroom sharing App)


Can my Year 3 child leave their iPad at school?

As part of our transition to a Bring Your Own iPad program for Year 3 to Year 6, students in Year 3 will be able to leave their iPad at school at night if this is the preference of the parent. Parents would notify the school of this intention. These iPads will be locked securely overnight. The school insurance will cover student owned iPads against theft during this overnight period.

What are the implications for storage space on a 16GB iPads when updating to iOS 8?

Some 16GB iPads may have problems updating the new iOS 8 operating system due to free space issues. If you want to perform an over-the-air update directly to your iPad you will need up to 5.7GB of free space on your device to install iOS 8. If you have a 16GB iPad you may not have enough free space. You can either try to clear some free space by deleting photos and apps or, alternatively, plug the device into your Mac or PC and perform the update through iTunes. Upgrading to iOS 8 through iTunes removes the 5.7GB free space requirement.

How will the school communicate with parents about how iPads will be integrated into the curriculum?

In the first two weeks of each term teachers will provide a term overview to parents. The overview will give the topics and concepts intended for learning for the term and this will include the integration of iPads and digital technology into this learning.

Will my child use their iPad all the time?

No. At St Bede’s iPads are used within a blended model of teaching and learning. iPads are tools for learning that will be used along with all the other tools available at school and home (e.g. pen, paper, calculators, books etc).

iPads will be used across the curriculum in a variety of ways; to offer practice and consolidation activities, as a source of information and importantly to encourage and enable critical and creative thinking and response.

Moderation is important in all things and iPads are no different. Students will not be using their iPads all the time. They will be engaging in a range of activities during their school week.

What are the minimum iPad Requirements at St Bede’s?

The minimum requirements are:

  • · iPad with a working camera and microphone – Some examples are iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPad Air.
  • · iPad with a minimum of 16GB storage. Families may choose to purchase an iPad with a capacity of 32 GB if purchasing new for 2015 as it has a larger storage capacity. This may assist in managing storage on the device and reduce the need to periodically remove data from the iPad and also give a larger working memory when downloading latest IOS updates.
  • · iPads need to have the latest iOS installed (currently iOS8 and to be refreshed as updates become available).