Thank you for taking an interest in St Bede's as a place of excellence in education. The choice of school for your child is an important step for your family. The decision you make impacts on the development of your child as a whole person, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Please take the time to read the enclosed information. There may be questions or concerns you have that could be simply answered by contacting our Front Office. Applications are available from the Front Office.

Here is a checklist of what is required for enrolment:

Completed Enrolment Application
Enrolment Application signed by BOTH Parents
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copy of Baptism Certificate (If applicable)
Copy of Immunisation Records
Please understand that an application will NOT BE PROCESSED without this documentation.

If possible we would also appreciate if the following could please be completed and returned with your application.

Copy of current School Report
Copy of reports related to Special Needs, Learning Difficulties or relevant Medical Conditions.

 Information Book

                                                 Enrolment Form

                                                 Enrolment Policy

                                                 Attendance Policy

                                                 Behaviour Guidance